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Questions & Answers

You can find all useful information about the systems here. If you still have any questions, we are always happy to help you!

How does the system work? 

The system receives data from 4 different satellite systems (GPS, Glonass, Beidou and Galileo) and can use it to calculate the position in space (location and altitude). This allows you to save the position of a new point (capture) or navigate to the position of a known point (stakeout).


Does the system work everywhere?

To receive the satellite data, a “sufficient sky view” is necessary in order to be able to receive at least five satellites at the same time. The system also requires a mobile internet connection.


Does the system also work in the forest?

Thanks to the simultaneous reception of 4 different satellite systems (GPS, Glonass, Beidou and Galileo), very good positioning rates are achieved even in shadows.


Shadows are things (buildings, trees, etc.) that affect the view of the sky.


In comparison to systems from other providers, above-average positioning results are often achieved, this applies

e.g. B. also for positions very close to buildings or in forest areas.


Are there ongoing costs?

Yes. For an internet connection, for a correction data service and, depending on the system, an annual fee for the software.


The system requires internet access. The data rates are very low, so a tariff with favorable conditions for data traffic is sufficient.


Correction data service:

There are also costs for the services of a correction data service. Calculate 10-15 euro cents per minute of connection.



Do the systems need to be calibrated or maintained regularly?

The GNPS systems are high-quality electronic systems which, despite their robustness, should be handled with care and must always be kept clean and transported and stored in a dry place.

Calibration or other maintenance is not necessary. We recommend regular checking by comparing the output values at known points.


How much do the systems weigh?

The GNPS-42 weighs only 1.8 kg when ready for measurement. The GNPS-52 weighs only 1.5 kg when ready for measurement.


How accurate is the system?

With the help of a correction data service, accuracies of 1 cm in position and 1.8 cm in height are usually achieved.


Without correction data, 1-5 m accuracy is achieved.

The current point accuracy is shown on the display and saved with each measurement.


What is a correction data service?

This service calculates an improvement vector in real time during the measurement and sends it to the software via an Internet connection. By processing the improvement data of the correction data service, an accuracy of 1 cm in position and 1.8 cm in height can be achieved.


An individual contract must be concluded with a correction data service provider.


Does a correction data service cost?

Usually yes. Depending on the provider and type of contract, costs range from 10-15 euro cents per minute.


In some federal states in Germany, the surveying authorities also offer correction data free of charge as part of open source geomanagement.


Do I necessarily need a contract with a correction data service?

Yes, this is the only way to achieve an accuracy of 1-2 cm.


Where can I find contact details for correction data services? 

When you purchase the system, we will provide you with a list of Internet addresses for various correction data services.


You contact one of the providers yourself and conclude a corresponding contract with them. 


How is the connection to the correction data service established?

The system's field computer requires an Internet connection. The instruction manual describes how this is made.

We recommend using your own SIM card in the field computer for the Internet connection.


Can the connection to the Internet also be established via a hotspot?

Yes. We still recommend using a separate SIM card in the field computer.


Does every cell phone provider work?

Basically yes. We recommend using a mobile provider with good network coverage.


What do I do in areas without cell service? 

Usually one provider works in an area. If you work in areas with poor network coverage, try a second provider, this usually produces good results.


The data traffic for correction data is very low, so you don't need a fast connection - EDGE network access is often sufficient.


In areas without any mobile communications, you cannot work with correction data and your accuracy will then only be 1-5 m.


How do I learn the system? 

We have designed your own training with the help of which you can carry out the first steps independently. The self-training consists of instructions, additional tutorial videos and a learning program within the software.


You can book a paid webinar for the GNPS-42 system and the software app. This explains in great detail the steps for registration, the necessary settings, various measurement tasks and data exchange.


If you need further technical support, you can also purchase paid training at your location, at our company or over the phone.


What do I do if I have technical questions?

Send an email to

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